Why I Couldn’t Move On From My Addiction to Sugar

When you come so far in a big lifestyle change such as a diet – but it all goes back to the way it was again. It’s disappointing. All the hard work and challenging moments you’ve overcome but yet you’re right back there again.

My experience was that I quit sugar on a few occasions, 3 to be exact, and each with success and tremendous effects which I felt amazing, lost weight I had put on over the years – and felt free from the power that the cravings have over me.

It may sound over the top, but it’s true. It’s an addiction and something I have struggled with for years.

Sugar-Addiction-and-Pressures-of-the-wedding-indusry-catharine-noble 02

I failed, each time because I thought I had it under control or that just one little treat would be ok. It wasn’t and it was just a slippery slope right back to where I started, including piling the pounds back on. Why is this time any different? Well, because this time I really know why I always return to the sweetness of sugar.

It’s for comfort. I use it in times of stress – which let’s face it I’m quite a stressy personality and something I’m working on – but even without that, being an artist can be stressful, the pressure of being a wedding photographer can be stressful, putting yourself out there for the world and industry to judge can be stressful and of course running your own business can be stressful.  This is before any other little bumps in life happen, which have they have over the past couple of years.

SOUL by Catharine Noble

Instead of practising being a calmer, stronger person – I quit sugar and expected that life would be rosy, that it would help my health and my confidence due to weight too. It did, but also it took away my main coping mechanism and ultimately I’d find it too difficult and return to late night snacking on chocolate to get through many hours of editing and so on.

This time, I’m practising more mindfulness, more awareness of how I feel and unnecessary negativity and drama we can sometimes get caught up in – both professionally and personally. This is going to help me to move on.

No more being ruled by needing a sugary snack every few hours and the threat of how depleted my energy is without it. No more running away from my feelings and reaching for something sweet – I’m going to deal with them. This may not be a revelation to some, and it may be an ah-ha moment for others stuck in the same vicious circle.

And what does this have to do with branding or business or the wedding industry? What’s my point with this self indulgent piece?

For Me, I’ve found that some of the pressures, judgements and behaviours in our industry has impacted me and others around me – so that we feel anxious, unconfident and unable to be ourselves. I absolutely love instagram, but I’ve been afraid to share myself fully as I want to for fear of judgements or the pressure to be perfect, to be beautiful. To me instagram is a key place to connect and showcase my work, style and brands – and meet the kind of people I want to work with. So just this one element is impacted by my feelings, lack of self worth and the grip sugar has on me.

I want this blog as well as my photography blog to be filled with my life, myself and to connect with like-minded people. Until now it hasn’t felt possible. I’ve tried but I need to work on accepting myself and caring less about others judgements of me. I crave to be authentic, I don’t ever want to misrepresent a life I don’t lead or a Me that isn’t actually Me.

Authenticity . Soul Branding Design by Catharine NobleSo now I feel more prepared and ready to move on from my sugar addiction but also bad habits of choosing to be stressed and putting myself down. Less sugar and less shame. Ultimately it’s about being kinder to yourself and we all need that.

From this piece you’ll know more about me but hopefully my openness will encourage others to address the pressures we feel in the industry, how we can care more for ourselves and that our businesses would benefit from this effort. I’ll be keeping you up-to-date through my newsletter and snippets on instagram. 

Review: “How To Get Your Shoot Published” E-Guide by Anouschka Rokebrand

I’m a big fan of ANOUSCHKA ROKEBRAND and her fine art photography work, but I’m also inspired by her as a brilliant entrepreneur in the wedding industry too. Anouscka is a leading photographer, she runs her own beautiful workshops including THE FRENCH EXPERIENCE and she’s also the founder of the EUROPEAN WEDDING CONGRESS – an industry event that includes great speakers such as Jasmine Star, Greg Finck, Nadia Meli, Sara Russell of Wedding Sparrow and Pearl + Godiva!

It’s safe to say that Anouschka has a wealth of knowledge! She’s sharing some of her experiences with her recently launched eGuide, “How to Get Your Shoot Published” –

How to get your shoot published by Anouschka Rokebrand

Whether you’re  starting out as a wedding photographer, or you’re more established and not quite achieving the kind of press and publicity you need for your business – this guide steers you in the right direction. It will save you valuable time, learning curves and setbacks as well as money from wasted shoots (I’ve been there). I wish this guide had been around when I was starting out at CATHARINE NOBLE PHOTOGRAPHY!

There are lots of beautiful pieces of Anouschka’s work as the guide takes takes you through different steps – from the important things to consider whilst actually shooting, to how to submit your work correctly and what to do even after you’ve been published. It was a great read and I’ll happily recommend it!

If you’d like to know more – head on over to Anouschka’s online shop {here} where you can make a purchase too.

I received a complimentary copy of this guide to review but in no way does this effect my review or recommendation of it. I also had the privilege of working on the re-design after too. 

Cover and eBook designed by SOUL – by Catharine Noble.

The Biggest Decision for Branding Your Wedding Biz

Whether you’re established and flourishing, or just starting out and finding your feet – you’ll find heaps of information about where to start or what to do next in order to make your wedding business profitable and a success. The articles which go something like – ‘The One Thing You MUST Do for xyz’ or perhaps, ‘How to Prevent the Biggest MISTAKES for Your Wedding Business’ and so. You get what I mean, you’ll have seen these titles – and perhaps that’s all you did, read the title and were too SCARED to read on!

This title right here ^ was made to capture your attention and relate to this very topic too. But I am actually going to write about this her for you too.

Amongst all the scary headings you’ll see in your research – the biggest decision for branding your wedding biz, or in doing anything for you business really – is to DECIDE.

Soul Brand Styling and Photography by Catharine Noble

Decide you’re doing it and then create the steps you need to take to get it done.

This doesn’t mean getting sidetracked by negative, manipulative pieces which are there to attract you. They DETRACT you from your goals and getting things done. You can get stuck and stagnant and bogged down in too many ‘what if’s’, loads of ‘shoulds and musts’ all pulling you in different directions.

But you had it! You knew what you had to do and WANTED to do!

You had a little spark of an idea and a vision – and that’s all you need!

That’s what will take you from where you are to growth and being great. It’s what makes a difference between you and the next person doing the same business in a similar style. Those sparks of ideas are organic and driven entirely by YOU.

Your unique skill, style and talents.

The more you lean in to this, the more you will find your way organically and you’ll love the experience too. Delve deeply into what lights you up inside, what makes you want to work in weddings, what drives you, who you dream of working with and where! All of these synchronise to create your brand – but a brand which is greater than any scary directions you’ll find on the internet – because it was led by you. You are soul led.

Soul Brand Styling and Photography by Catharine Noble